Alfresco: Workflow Hot Deployment Steps

The most annoying thing when working with Alfresco and creating workflows is restarting the server in case of any mistake made. So I found it most helpful if we could do hot deployment of alfresco workflows and models.  Me and one of my colleague, Pritesh, figured out these steps and found it very useful.  I am posting it in here because I could not found all the steps at one place and thought it can be useful to many others.

Below mentioned are the Workflow hot deployment steps:

1. Login to alfresco using admin credentials

2. Go to Workflow console


3. Execute following commands in mentioned sequence:

a. delete all workflows imeanit

b. Check you workflow name by: show workflows all

c. undeploy definition name activiti$<your_workflow_name>

This will delete and undeploy your workflow

4. Before re-deploying the workflow, if you want to hot-deploy your model, open the repository-admin console


5. To un-deploy model execute the following command

undeploy model <your_model’s_xml_file_name_with_.xml_extension>

6. Now we are good to deploy the workflow. Run the following command into your workflow-console.

deploy activiti <classpath to your workflow>

7. If in case you want to redeploy your context file, open your webclient config console.


Hope this helps ! 🙂